Updated Auction Policies 4/1/2021
Partial Listing

The PSI fee has been increased to $125.

The auction classifies a Seller Guaranteed transaction to be AS IS. Any arbitration is to be done between the seller and buyer on the day of the sale.

All vehicles sold in the J Lane are sold AS IS with no arbitration. These are inoperable vehicles.

The auction will no longer offer a PSI on Seller Guaranteed purchases. Seller Guarantee is a privilege that can be suspended at any time without notice.

Each purchase made through Edge Pipeline will be charged a $25 fee.

All persons doing business at this Auction must first register in the office and have bid or yard passes in their possession on sale day.

All transactions must clear through the Auction office. Persons found to violate this are subject to suspension of auction privileges.
 All purchases must be paid for before vehicle is removed from auction premises or with prior special conditions through the credit office.
 The Auction does not guarantee warranties or accuracy of odometer reading.
 The Auction Guarantee applies only to engine block, transmission and rear end.(More details in office).
 All vehicles Sold with diesel engines or boats, miscellaneous or homemade items, salvage vehicles, flood vehicles and Municipal vehicles are sold "As Is No Arbitration" and Must be announced.
 All vehicles sold $2,500 or less are sold "As Is No Abritration"
 Vehicles 10  years and older by manufacturers date will be sold mileage exempt.
 All arbitrations must be made on the day of the sale and prior to being excited from auction property with the exception of potential frame damage on purchases of vehicles 6 years and newer, over $3,000 and under 125,000 miles. Vehicle must be returned to the Auction to have frame shop determine extent of damage. All must be completed within a SIX (6) day limit for seller's to re-enter vehicle in next sale with announcements being made
 All vehicles sold TA must have the title in the office within twenty-one (21) days after date of sale. There will be a $25 TA charge after fourteen (14)days.
 No guarantees on visible body defects, glass, dash indicator lights, or air conditioning systems. Current year 2-wheel drive SUV's must be annouced.
 Any vehicle not paid for by Friday noon without prior arrangements with the credit department will be assessed a $100 late payment charge PER VEHICLE.
 Any vehicle sold Seller Guarantee must be Ok'd by purchaser for Seller to receive payment. The auction classifies these transactions to be As-Is sales and any arbitration must be done between seller and buyer. Seller being subject to all fees on vehicles purchaser will not pay for whatever the reason
As-Is No Arbitration - Please pay attention when puchasing a unit As-Is No Arbitration.  There is absolutely no arbitration including frame.